Could your business use
something extra?

Extra customers? Extra profit? Extra help making those things happen? Lagniappe Digital Marketing will go out of our way to give your marketing a little something extra, so you can increase your bottom-line and decrease your inefficiencies.

We Analyze

We deep-dive into every aspect of your business & marketing like we're your business partners.

We Strategize

From branding to day-to-day marketing activities, we never start without a plan to achieve measurable results.

We Deliver

Trust us with your digital marketing, and we will take your business to the next level of success.


Website Design

PPC Advertising

Photo Editing

Voice Over Work


Staff Training

Public Speaking

Social Media

SEO/Content Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Marketing Automation

Video Production

1 on 1 Consulting 


Custom Solutions

Our services

When we say extra, we really mean extra.

If a marketing method, tactic, or technique exists in the digital space, we can do it for you. Since digital marketing changes by the second, it would be impossible to list every single thing we can do for your company (but, as you can see, we tried!). If there is something you want to try, and you don’t see it listed, please ask us! If it’s something that will bring you business, we will make it happen. 

With an extensive team of experts and an even more extensive network of strategic partners, we have never said no to an unusual request! 

Let’s hop on a Zoom and brainstorm the. best solutions for you and your company.

Our Projects

Stay tuned for a portfolio of our work (coming soon!)

Why Should You Choose Lagniappe Digital Marketing?


Most of our senior team members have spent decades excelling in their area of expertise.


As digital marketing continues to evolve, so do our educational pursuits. We never stop learning!


We are responsive and transparent. We are always eager to find new ways to collaborate with our clients.


We craft your messaging for your specific audience. We don't do cookie-cutter around here.


It makes financial sense to task Lagniappe with your marketing. We can save and MAKE you money.


We connect businesses to their ideal customers. Contact us and we'll show you our success stories!


We're trusted by clients.

A half-hour Zoom call could change your business for the better!